About Choo 11


About the Designer/Maker


Welcome to my shop and thank you for being here!

My name is Kira, I am the designer and maker behind Choo 11. This journey started back in May 2020 when I needed something to fulfill my creativity. I have a background in Fashion Design from my home country, Thailand, and I love working with my hands, so I am really in my element when making jewelry. After working with polymer clay for about two months I fell in love with this medium and was amazed by the endless possibilities of creation. So I decided to leave my job in textile production to focus on handcrafting polymer clay jewelry full-time. Building this small business gets me excited to wake up in the morning and slowly see it grow every day.







Studio Choo 11 is conversation-sparking jewelry handcrafted at my home studio in Scarborough, ME. Every single pieces are thoughtfully design with passionate in hand-mixing jewelry grade polymer clay into my own original colors and stylishly incorporate the design with multi metals or mixed-media. These two characteristic are what Choo11 jewelry to be a truly one of a kind and yet very stylish.